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April 06, 2010


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MD Peters


I agree with your response to the man who raised the question (why anti-Semitism), specifically about how fair Israel is and yet there is always a double standard.

Is there a standard for the Palestinians or any of the other Muslim/Arab countries? If so, I want to know what it is.

Meanwhile, British Col. Richard Kemp of Great Britain, who has years of experience working in the Middle East testified before the U.N. that "Israel did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone more than any other army in the history of warfare" regarding Operation Cast Lead.

And still the world wants to give her a black eye.

This isn't logical.

Thank you,


Robert Gasner


Great article....

I take exception to the statement, 'Its OK to criticize Israel" actually its not OK to criticize Israel.

Anti-semites, anti-zionists, and many supposed lovers of Israel rationalize their hatred, dislike or ignorance by adding to the phrase, " long as you are equally critical of the other side", a statement that makes no sense and is logically illogical....just who is the other side? And even of one were to be able to find a balance between Israel and its faults and "the others" and their faults, by what yardstick can one measure?

It simply can't be done. Anyone who criticizes Israel given what has gone on for the last 4000 or so years is not going to do justice to their criticism and once the real reasons are known for that criticism, you will find them all filled with their own particular subjective agenda.

I can give you as many examples as their are people who open their mouths about the subject. For brevity sake lets use the easiest anti-semite on the worlds stage today, Obama.

He knows alot about Israel based on what he has gleaned through his US/socialist/religious-shaded glasses. His agendas are not hidden. Right or wrong he's doing what is best for Obama, not even the people he was elected to serve. He sat in the pews for 1000 Reverend Wright speeches and he can't remember being influence by a religious figure who despises whites, Jews, and hundreds of others not of his ilk?

What Obama knows about Israel or how he behaves towards Israel or criticizes Israel has only to do with OBama and not any criticism Israel deserves.

One more example just to drive the point home. Journalists here in Israel critical of the settlements are driven by their unadmitted hatred for religious jews amongst other things. Ask them and they will tell you that some of their best friends are religious Jews... its all a load of bull...they hate the Haredi, they hate themselves too. So what kind of balanced criticism can they give of Israel? They can't. Its impossible to be honest given all the noise in their heads and their neurotic fixations with their own ego being the only correct manifesto.

Sure many profess to love Israel then go and say things that are intellectually dishonest...try and stop them, it only makes it worse if possible.

So what is the solution? Sadly my friend there isn't one. From the first day when Cain picked up the rock and smashed Abels head to smitherines, it began. The only smart ones are those who don't criticize but live their lives and try to do good things. Unfortunately they sometimes wind up going up the chimneys during wars when those who criticize in an unbalanced way control societies.

So as I see it, its not OK to criticize Israel. But if one must,...nope...there isnt a "one must"

Hi Rob, thanks for your comments. You raise some interesting point, however, I don't think person or country can or should be beyond 'criticism'. I think I am a pretty good husband compared to many husbands, that doesn't mean that my wife can't be critical of me from time to time. I think that we can always improve. It would be different if my wife was critical of me all the time. Is that fair comparison? David

By the way, in by responding as I did, I am not saying that I justify Obama's criticism of Israel. It is one thing to have an opinion, it is another when you try and impose your will on someome else and I think he is way out of line.


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